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How to tie a gift

how to tie a gift

Separate the loops one by one from the inside to the outside.
If your bow is large, you'll have to put it in an especially safe spot and make sure it's on its own or on top of other gifts when you present it to the recipient.Things You'll Need, ribbon (any size suitable for the present).A version of this article was originally published in December 2013.Pull on the loops to tighten the knot at their center.Fold the circle in 1/2 and place over top of the notched base ribbon.Did this summary help you?3, make a second loop.If you're tying a ribbon, make sure that it isn't twisted; the loop should be smooth.Add a photo holiday gift giving traditions Upload error Awesome picture!You just need a ribbon with a left end and a right end stemming from the same knotted center.

These are the bows you see on gifts in the movies: pretty, polished, something you might buy for half the price of the original gift in the store.Don't cut the two corners too close to the center of the ribbon.Fluff up the ribbon loops to form a poufy bow.5, tie a bow.Make it as large as you want, and be sure it's tight.4 Use a second ribbon to tie the cinch.Pinch the loop between your thumb and forefinger to hold it in place.Wrap ribbons around gift so they twist around one another and then run perpendicular to the original direction.If this is a balloon/curling ribbon, hold the ribbon against a scissor blade with your thumb, then pull the ribbon across the blade.Submit, tips, don't measure your ribbon to be too long or short for your box.

Gather the ribbon in at the middle.
Pull the loops gently from the center and twist them toward you.
You might also just use a clear piece of tape if you're unable or cautious to do this on your own and nobody's around.