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How to put together a ralph lauren gift box

In the past, I haven't been much of a fan of Ralph Lauren's female fragrances.
It opens with a unique blend of fruits, spices and green nuances.
I am quite blown away by the sillage which is a lot richer than I thought it would be for an EDT.
Their current line is quite uninspiring in my personal opinion, however I find their discontinued fragrances far more interesting.It has a powerful executive aroma, a mélange of tobacco leaves/smoke from a pipe, along with musk, woods and patchouli, classic green vetiver and leather, at a base that supports citrus, artemisia, spices and a manly carnation.Pure Turquoise, Safari and Lauren really shouldn't have ceased production.It opens with bergamot orange citrus, not too strong, just fresh and aromatic, like getting a whiff of a mountain's natural aroma when you first arrive in the countryside.The fragrance was nothing innovative to me when I first wore.This is a long lasting all day long scent for the man who has a career, mouths to feed, and executive decisions to make.Without being too much, Lauren encloses me in a beautiful, fresh, green floral scent bubble.It has a mature connotation, as if only your father or macy's perfume coupon code grandfather can pull it off, but if you're in you're late 20's and in your 30's, and you're a guy who wears tuxedos business suits and have a business of your own, you're.But overall, the opening is spicy with caraway and pepper and that fresh citrus, providing the top notes with a good powerful prelude to the rest of the cologne's music.So if you like green chypres for men, this is a masterpiece.This fragrance describes a tall dark and handsome man in a suit, although it has enough of that outdoorsy scent to suit a mountain man or lumberjack.In most cases, pineapple on my skin causes me grief, but I'm happy to say that this was not the case with Lauren.This is an outdoorsy scent of green notes, florals, woods, animalic musk, tobacco, patchouli, vetiver, and pine needles.A CEO executive who likes to go camping when on vacation.Reminds me of the opening to a lot of similar green scents like Coty's Aspen and Green Irish Tweed.The green accords, when further highlighted by clary sage and sweet pineapple, in turn create a rather complex and pleasing scent.

Polo reminds me of other big green scents like Tsar by Van Cleef Arpels my personal favorite "green".Very sophisticated and perhaps, unfortunately, a fragrance that would not be appreciated by today's young man in casual wear who wears lighter stuff to go through their day.The rest of it is not as floral as it is green and woodsy with cedar wood, patchouli, leather and musk, tobacco leaves, and vetiver.Polo is like a man who has been living in the woods and mountains his whole life, and knows no other smell but that of pine.Lauren is a very classy scent, but in no way is it too mature for younger women.I'm happy to find bottles of Lauren EDT still available for purchase from some trustworthy online retailers.As a classic, it evokes classic males from Old Hollywood like Clark Gable, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Fred Astaire or even coupon codes chicos 25 off 50 the likes of Jeff Chandler.
Ralph Lauren is a good old American label and it's good to have a superb fragrance that is not coming out of Europe.
There is also a jasmine and carnation which far from smelling feminine, even with a note of rose, is like spiced up flowers that have a sweet air.

At this point, the composition could turn soapy, however on my skin, the woods and spices keep the heart balanced and lively.