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How to make your own gift bags for christmas

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day is on December 16!
Pick one that works best with the occasion.
Avoid anything that is too skinny, however; the knots won't be big enough to hold.
The "diamond" on the bottom of your bag has two tabs or torani coupon codes 2014 flaps at the top and bottom.Repeat with the other ribbon for the back.Trim off any excess paper and overlap the two narrow ends by inch (1.27 centimeters).Community Q A Search Add New Question Question What size ribbon do you use for the handles?Did this summary help you?Draw a cross on the cardboard rectangle with a glue stick or double-sided tape.Step Eleven: To stabilize where the handles of your bag go, insert the skinny strips of glued cardboard or cardstock under the folded edge of the top of your bag, and then press the glued cardboard into place.Add more tissue paper, if needed, and fluff it out.
Choose a color that goes well with your bag.
You certainly don't want your gift peaking through spoiling the surprise.

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You will be able to use these gift bags for any occasion, whether its for birthdays, Christmas, New Years, or something else (.Be careful not 241 glasses promo code to wrap too tightly, or it will be difficult to remove the stack of books from the bag.If you'd like a more "oval" shaped bag, however, don't crease the sides.Step Two: Cut out the rectangle you traced, and then cut out another one that's a bit smaller and skinnier than the first one.You will be putting this into the bottom of your bag.Read all of the steps before starting.Try to place the seam at one of the box's edges inside of the front, back, or side face.You have about a 3-4 inch overhang of paper facing upward that you will close up just as if you were wrapping a gift.Thread each end of your first ribbon through each hole on the front of your bag.We crafty types like to put our artistic stamp on everything, so why not create a DIY gift bag that is as individual and unique as the gift itself.
Whenever you celebrate a friends birthday, wedding anniversary or another special day, you will most certainly be giving your loved one a gift.
15 Open the bag.