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How to find the discount percentage between 2 numbers

Discounting is a financial mechanism in which a debtor obtains the right to delay payments to a creditor, for a defined period of time, in exchange for a charge or fee.
Discount, yield and Accretion, securities that are sold at a discount use the discount yield to calculate the investor's rate of return, and this method is different than bond accretion.
In that case, the discount factor is then (if the usual money market day count convention for the currency is ACT/360, in case of currencies such as United States dollar, euro, Japanese yen with r the zero-rate and T the time to cash flow.Displaystyle DF(T)e-rT., Other discounts edit For discounts in marketing, see discounts and allowances, sales promotion, and pricing.Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics (Third.).A b c Competition from other firms who offer other financial assets that promise the market rate of return forces the person who is asking for a delay in payment to offer a " discount yield" that is the same as the market rate.Bond accretion means that the 80 discount is posted to bond income over the 10-year life, and an investor can use a straight-line method or the effective interest rate method.As indicated, the rate of return is usually calculated in accordance to an annual return on investment.Bonds that use bond accretion can be issued a par value, at a discount or at a premium, and accretion is used to move the discount amount into bond income over the remaining life of the bond.
What is the discount, yield discount yield is a measure of a bond's rate of return to an investor, stated as a percentage, and discount yield is used to calculate the yield on municipal notes, commercial paper and treasury bills sold at a discount.

Risk free rate : The percentage of return generated by investing in risk free securities such as government bonds.2, the discount, or charge, is the difference between the original amount owed in the present and the amount that has to be paid in the future to settle the debt.A b Chiang, Alpha.The article on discounted cash flow provides an example about discounting and risks in real estate investments.Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms, Baron's Financial Guides, 2003.Treasury bills have bushkill falls discount code a maximum maturity of six months (26 weeks while Treasury notes and bonds have longer maturity dates.1 2 4 The person delaying the payment of the current liability is essentially compensating the person to whom he/she owes money for the lost revenue that could be earned from an investment during the time period covered by the delay in payment.In this case, the discount yield is (300 discount 10,000 par value * 360/120 days to maturity, or a 9 dividend yield.In the case where the only discount rate one has is not a zero-rate (neither taken from a zero-coupon bond nor converted from a swap rate to a zero-rate through bootstrapping ) but an annually-compounded rate (for example if the benchmark is a US Treasury.Straight-line posts the same dollar amount into bond income each year, and the effective interest rate method uses a more complex formula to calculate the bond income amount.A beta higher than 1 means that a change in share price is exaggerated compared to the rest of shares in the same market.