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Hothouse flowers giving it all away

Carnal Flower by Frédéric Malle.
If you know the erotic close up photo's of flowers by Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, you know that sex and flowers have a lot in common.
Flower absolutes is another name for the essential oil of a flower, so the concentrated form of the flower smell with a much more concentrated, deep and strong fragrance intensity because it is more concentrated and there are much more flower fragrance molecules.With a 99 success rate, I might add.I mean think about it: coconut neutralizes a part of the flower dead knell and another part is simply beat into their place by the strong eucalyptus.So you see already a pattern.Every inch as good as Alien, but less radical, more rounded, more creamy, more balanced.Only Ropion manages to kick the flowers back hard and in their place.

The man who succeeded in transforming an epic battle between diabolically strong female flowers on steroids and male cough syrup eucalytus and tropical cocount with the celeb fume note melon thrown in as reconciler and helped by the most modern perfume tehcniques (salicylates into.You are suffocated in tuberose and ylang ylang and their sisters.Again: the sign of a great maitre parfumeur: bringing yin (female flowers) in balance with the yang (male eucalyptus) side of a fragrance.And because of Malles less than gargantuan-ego like Thierry Mugler has, and more modest pr budget, Carnal Flower is a hidden gem.If men like it, where can i purchase a carnival cruise gift card it is a plus, but it is not the most important thing, it is not necessary.This is a scent that does not dilute itself to get mainstream or conquer a bigger segment of the maket.It is found naturally in birch and rhododendrons.Anyway: salicylates in the middle.I mean, look at this.
No need for another strong fragrance note.
I deliberately omit Clive Christians obscenely expensive C for women.