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Videlectrix is a pretty good example of this Trope too, a modern company that produces Atari-level games.
Stinkoman 20X6 takes more than just its visual style from Mega Man.Coach Z actually claims to be the Thnikkaman to Bubs at one point.Which they consider "good graphics".Strong Bad tries to do this himself at the end.He's such a trouper.Uh, it's one of my most favorite discatapes, and I'd really like it back so, I'm gonna come.Strong Bad as Dangeresque considers this trick by spilling either really old coffee or nasty Chinese takeout on the case file he has to solve before he leaves his office so it'll be unreadable and wash his hands of responsibility.Announcer: You might expect to pay almost a hundred dollars for this rare collection!Only Shop in Town : Not only is his Concession Stand this, Bubs also seems to control every form of business in Free Country, USA.And that blond guy did a tiny, tidy dance.Strong Bad himself, as far as video games and technology are concerned.Homestar Runner.) Yet he feels compelled to cheat anyway, and proceeds to sabotage the other contestants.It suddenly dawns on Strong Bad that they're definitely not in heaven.With the inclusion of gamer in-jokes, practially any joke in that game requires you know what they're referencing.
There's also Gene in the email "Hygiene until Strong Bad's hygiene film takes an odd turn and has the Straw Loser played by Homestar get his life together and turn out successful while Strong Bad's Marty Stu Gene falls from his high pedestal.
There are also other instances of this, such as Pom Pom as the Statue of Liberty, Strong Bad as "Carmen freakin' Miranda" and " Carmen freakin' Sandiego Coach Z as Queen Latifah, or The King of Town as Hello Kitty.

Noodle Incident : A couple of them, like the incident that somehow gave Strong Sad the nickname Dairy Queen.Also, The Ugly One in the Teen Girl Squad series, though her qualifications fluctuate as the world around her is as crazy as Strong Bad's imagination.The Woobie : Lil' Brudder is an in-universe example: a parody of this Trope with a hint of Glurge findway mats discount that Strong Bad created to drive others to tears.And pretty badly worn out.Back from the Dead : The Paper inexplicably returns in "email thunder only to catch fire and burn cowboy gift basket ideas up from Homestar's sparking computer.First: mgramcases discount code Coach Z : Coach Z, R-A-P Accidentally featuring Peacey.Incredibly Lame Fun : In the e-mail "slumber party the only video game Homestar is supposedly allowed to play is one called "Clapping Party" Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain : Strong Badman's idea of villainy involves wasting water and stealing cable from his neighbors while bossing around.Strong Bad: Ohh, you can't fool.Coach Z does this inside his mind.Rapid-Fire Comedy : Used very often, especially in self parodies of the original kids' book like this.
Played for laughsBubs and Coach Z speak in such severe exaggerations of American Accents that it's no longer clear which ones they're based.
Everybody everybody, longest pants.

I'm a long pants man, long pants long pants.