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Gotta lose to win again

Writer(s francine beamish hall afternoon tea gift voucher vicki golde, dennis lambert, andrea martin, walter LEE orange, harmony samuels).
But once again these tears always win.All you did was worry.Crying like oh oh oh oh, oh.To make it last.Everytime I think I'm getting closer.Say, "Naw baby girl, you're better off that's what I'm telling myself.And all you do is fight.Email us the address of the page where you linked to us, so we can add your site to the list below.If these walls could sing about everything they've witnessed.Cant get no sleep at night.Sometimes it's just not money, never had to afford me, now I'm sick and tired.For adding these lyrics.Caught up just in his life.But you won't dare, cause your too scared.
No one can fix it yeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh, have you ever, needed someone so bad?
If he makes you cry, cry, cry.

I just hoped that we would, cause youre always up to no good.Sometimes you gotta lose to win again (win again, oh and if it makes you cry).Ever felt this sorry, all you did was worry, you didn't want nobody.(have you ever?) (so bad yeah) To make it last Sometimes you gotta lose to win again (Sometimes you gotta lose to win again) Thanks to Monique'.Cause when youve been broken, you feel like no one can fix.But they can't light the room the way you did when you walked inside, oh baby.Why am I not interested?Chorus: Have you ever needed someone so bad.
Check it out, it feels kinda crazy, these covers may keep me warm at night.

But he ain't willing to make it last.
But he aint willing to make it last (whoa, yeah)?
Don't wanna try again, thinking, what's the difference, why am I not interested?