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Gifts for someone going to europe

Christmas decorations It might seem weird to gift Christmas decorations for the holiday season, but if your friend is a new expat or moving abroad close to the holidays then theyre unlikely to have any, and giving them a few small ornaments can help.
If you want to make it more personal, then include a suggestion of a great travel book or album you love!
If the value of your gift is more than the duty free allowance for mailed gifts of 135, the recipient pays the duty after the goods arrive in the UK but before they are delivered.
Lightroom Another one for the photography keen expat.Its a great gift for an expat friend that does a lot of solo travel and wants to be able to take pictures alone.Sonja x If you liked it, pin it!Even though packages are opened.But none of them quite seem to fit.There are several different ways to go about choosing a gift for someone going travelling or already living overseas.By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our.Many locations have gift experience websites that can help you out.When I moved abroad I brought a huge 70-litre backpack with me, but this isnt practical for weekends away or short trips closer to home.Food from home It might seem cliche but trust me, as an expat I definitely appreciate food from home as a gift!And "non-manufactured" bark free wood is banned from outside the EU and restricted to five pieces from within.ProcessingFee currency Sub-total cartSubTotal currency Shipping Cost orderShippingCost currency NOT YET calculated Tax Cost orderTax currency NOT YET calculated Total cartTotal currency Monthly Total cartSubscriptionTotal currency.Language Learning App or books A great gift for someone moving abroad or living overseas is a language learning app.

If you don't fill out the customs declaration - that lined bit of green paper glued to your package - they may open your package to inspect what's.Some options are: Subscriptions So many services are provided on a subscription basis now, and they actually make a great gift for friends overseas or expats.Before you bring or send holiday food products, have a look at the very detailed.That's a quick.And what can you get that wont add to their luggage allowance too much or be a pain for them to get home if they end up moving back again?Quick Flower Delivery and Great Customer Service.For someone who doesnt necessarily want a lot of stuff and loves having new experiences this can be the perfect gift to give.We're the best choice when shopping online for gifts and flowers just because, or for special occasions like.
Theyre either aimed more at long-term travellers, or are farewell wholesale museum gift shop suppliers gifts for friends moving abroad.

This obviously isnt for everyone, but many travellers have an interest in photography and would appreciate gifts associated with.
All dairy and meat products, fresh or prepared, from outside the EU are forbidden.