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Gifts for six yr old girl

gifts for six yr old girl

The next is a large Snake, of a brown Dirt Colour, and always abides in the Marshes.
Their Bodies are a little flat, which is occasion'd, by being laced hard down to a Board, in their Infancy.
This day, we met with seven heaps of Stones, being the Monuments of seven Indians, that were slain in that place by the S'nnagers, or Troquois.
They would fain have borrow'd our Razors, as they had our Knives, Scissors, and Tobacco-Tongs, the day before, being as ingenious at picking of Pockets, as any, I believe, the World affords; for they will steal with their Feet.Ducks pied, build on Trees.As the Paws of this Creature, are held for the best bit about him, so is the Head paypal gifts and services fee esteem'd the worst, and always thrown away, for what reason I know-not.In the beginning of this Distemper, the Patient was very well to pass, and was possess'd of several Page 219 Slaves, which the Doctors purged all away, and the poor Man was so far from mending, that he grew worse and worse every day.To learn more, the full article can be purchased online.Since the first Planters, abundance of French and others have gone over, and rais'd themselves to considerable Fortunes.This Eagle is not bald, till he is one or two years old.Four or five of these make an Inch, and every one is to be drill'd through, and made as smooth as Glass, and so strung, as Beds are, and a Cubit of the Indian Measure contains as much in Length, as will reach from the.The Indians beat them into Meal, and thicken their Venison-Broth with them; and oftentimes make a palatable Soop.The other sorts are of a prodigious Bigness.Their Singles are much longer, and their Horns stand forward, as the others incline backward; neither do they beam, or bear their Antlers, as the English Deer.Amongst all the Discoveries of America, by the Missionaries of the French and Spaniards, I wonder none of them was so kind to the World, as to have kept a Catalogue of the Distempers they found the Savages capable of curing, and their Method.They often times make, of this Shell, a sort of Gorge, which they wear about their Neck in a string; so it hangs on their Collar, whereon sometimes is engraven a Cross, or some odd sort of Figure, which comes next in their Fancy.Sometimes they poison the Heir to make way for another, which is not seldom done, when they do not approve of the Youth that is to succeed them.Thus they dry several Bushels of these Fish, and keep them for their Necessities.They will lie and sleep in the Woods without Fire, being inur'd thereto.

Therefore, they get a great many Sticks and Chunks of Wood in their Canoe, and then set off directly for their Port, and now and then throw over a Piece of Wood, which directs them, by seeing how the Stick bears from the Canoes Stern.They lay the Patient on his Back, so put a hollow Cane into the Fire, where they burn the End thereof, till it is very hot, and on Fire at the end.The Girls are not bred up to the Wheel, and Sewing only; but the Dairy and Affairs of the House they are very well acquainted withal; so that you shall see them, whilst very young, manage their Business with a great deal of Conduct and.Thus they abide in these Quarters, all the Winter long, till the Time approach for planting their Maiz and other Fruits.The Tom-Tit, or Ox-Eyes, as in England.And all this environ'd round with very high Mountains, so that no hard Wind ever troubles these Inhabitants.The young Men are commonly of a bashful, sober Behaviour; few proving Prodigals, to consume what the Industry of their Parents has left them, but commonly improve.No, we have furnished them with the Vice of Drunkenness, which is the open Road to all others, and daily cheat them in every thing we fell, and esteem it a Gift of Christianity, not to fell to them so cheap as we.In which Branch we went up 5 or 6 Leagues; but not liking the Land, return'd on board that Night about Midnight, and call'd that Place Swampy-Branch.Most of these Indians wear Mustachoes, or Whiskers, which is rare; by reason the Indians are a People Page 53 that commonly pull the Hair of their Faces, and other Parts, up by the Roots, and suffer none to grow.
At last, with much Persuasion, he admitted the Snake's Company, which the Indian put about his Middle, and order'd nobody to take him away upon any account, which was strictly observ'd, although the Snake girded him as hard for a great while) as.
The first sort has an Orange-Colour on the Tops of their Wings, and are as good Meat as those in Europe.