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Gifts for productivity nerds

gifts for productivity nerds

Theres typing on Apples pre-2016 keyboards.
It makes for a much less jarring wake-up experience, and should help the late sleeper on your list get going a little bit faster.
One of the best presents you can gift the teacher in your life is a lesson planner.One downside is that youll have a hard time using anything else after trying these.As an added bonus, these earbuds will fit anyone and stay put no matter how much you move.A Year of Todoist Premium 29 We may be biased on this one, but we wouldnt recommend it (or spend a significant portion of our time obsessing over making it better) if we didnt truly believe.Just dont forget in the night garden live voucher codes to pick up a pair of slap straps while youre.It doubles as a good reminder to not take yourself too seriously.Black Diamond Spot Headlamp 40 The Outdoor Adventurer in your life will thank you when they need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom armed with their new headlamp.According to PCMag, its more comfortable to hold, easier to pair, and more reliable to use than any other Bluetooth stylus.Donate to charity in their name 20-100 If the minimalist in your life is passionate about something, nike coupon code may 2017 find a related charity and make a donation in their name.Not only do they feature the work of writers like Judd Apatow, Maurice Sendak, and Nick Hornby, they are thoughtfully designed and beautifully illustrated.Theyll thank you for gifting them chewable coffee bites, which come in packs of four and pack about as much caffeine as a half a cup of coffee in each cube.Plus, a variety of snazzy, smaller zippered bags that are great for storing cords and such when youre traveling.The Paper Tablet and Pen capture your pen strokes on paper and automatically transfer your handwriting to the companion app where you can save, edit, organize, and share your ideas digitally.However, its a whopping 180.Whether working at home or in the office, productive goal setters like to be comfortable while they're crushing their work day.
(As an added bonus, theyll donate 3 meals to kids for every item purchased through Dec.
Mistobox Coffee Subscription 20-240, the coffee lover in your life probably also likes to try different coffees.

For Mac users, the app Focus by Brad Jasper is a godsend.After testing over 60 travel mugs for nearly 50 hours, The Sweethome says, we have no doubt that this is the best travel mug you can get.Fab A constantly updated shop of well-designed gifts with the goal of making you smile.Its a backpack with a power bank charger built-in.Wirecutter Tech guides that tell you everything you need to know about getting the right stuff.McSweeneys book bundles (10 56 its hard to find a McSweeneys book bundle that doesnt make us want to make room on the shelf.
One of the best packable tripods on the market is the GorillaPod by Joby.

Write or Die 20 A little aggressively named, yes.
With 404 recipes that take 20 minutes or less to prepare, this cookbook is guaranteed to save parents hours in cook time while keeping delicious meals on the table.
If you love geeking out over gear/tools of all types, check out his channel. .