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Gifted and talented teacher interview questions

It sounds absurd, I know, but sadly it happens in classrooms across our country every day.
(Almost every teacher interview begins this way.).
How do you teach kids to utilize higher-order thinking skills in your classroom?One student hits another student.Ask them what its like to be gifted in school today.Since schools typically dont offer professional development about gifted students and gifted education or differentiation strategies, any teacher wanting to learn how to better serve these kids is likely going to have to take the initiative to seek out that knowledge and understanding on his.Once the teacher understands where the gifted child is coming from, the teacher then validates that by making targeted, appropriate curricular accommodations for that child.

This means that the teacher has developed (or is developing) an understanding of gifted learners, their academic needs, and their social and emotional needs.Some people say you should demand respect from children.It's just that we haven't always given them knowledge of or access to the right tools with which.If I came into your classroom, what would I see?As a nation, we need to make great improvements in preparing our teachers to do this.Who it's really not fair for is the gifted child whose learning is being *stunted* in that sort of situation!Ensuring progress, what assessment strategies would you use?Tell us about your discipline philosophy.A few months top 10 gifts for teenage son back, I was interviewed by two different people who each asked me essentially the same question: What makes for a great teacher for gifted children?
What do you think is the best way to motivate pupils?