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Gift ideas for your therapist

Being born with Down syndrome means you have 3 copies of your 21st chromosome.
Its very well put together.
No matter who you are, or whose child your purchasing a gift for, best baby christmas gifts 2015 this holiday season Im here to help!Of course the real challenge will be IF she can actually find a therapist who is not an adoption counselor associated with an adoption agency or a mental health professional that understands the specific needs of the birthmother population.If you are not into the NRA, then might I suggest her very own personalized straight jacket?Perhaps they could have cheerful Adoption Kool-Aide sayings on them kind of like the fun days of the week panties?Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For A Baby Born With Down Syndrome.A Case of Kleenex Tissues, a lifetime supply of tissues would actually be better.This way her body will be back to its shape and as if she wasnt a mother. We have used these blocks more than any other toy during Noahs occupational therapy visits as they also double as fantastic developmental toys!Unicorn Farts I know it sounds gross, but when a birthmother finds that the adoption Kool-aid is wearing off and she starts jonesing for positive thoughts then an emergency supply of unicorn farts is a must have in any birthmothers pantry! If you are looking for other gift ideas Toys R Us has a fantastic Differently-Abled Toy Guide on their website.Or maybe youre the new parent of a child born with, down syndrome trying to find the best toy for your kid-o!(spoiler alert: there arent.) You may be worrying about offending a parent of a child with special needs by giving their child a toy that is to advanced for their developmental skil l level.
Think about your reactions to the various posts. .

Brand New Crack Pipes Yes, even the worst Crack Whore Birth Mother like a new crack pipe now and then, Plus, I understand that they are made from glass?Now of course, I know that there already are official Birth Mother Gift Baskets.Mothers Day, or her birthday or even that after-relinquishment thank you gift. We were able to take them off and sit the table on the floor for Noah during tummy time, than again as he was learning to sit up by himself, and now that he is learning to stand we have attached the legs. It has survived our two dogs, and a very playful and curious one year old for almost a year. He really likes it, and at one year old still has a wonderful time in his crib with.Think fresh needle kits or pass her your doctor-brothers prescription pad.
What I like the most about this are the detachable legs.