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Gift card zen reviews

gift card zen reviews

Presence of a decadent minimalist discount code third-party trademark or gift card does not mean that Giftcard Zen has a relationship with that third party or that the third party endorses Giftcard Zen or its services.
When they work well, they are fine.Next day, e-mailed again, no answer.So, I held true to my words, and disputed both transactions the following day.I don't think it's because of this, but two hours later I had two separate e-mails from these so called HOH that they had credited my account.Entrepreneurship is about connecting people together through various means, that is exactly what Baptiste is doing in Montreal with Moose.This is NOT how you deal with a loyal customer.Those speaking of problems?However, I now have to warn consumers to stay away.12 Alternatives to Matchbox 3 Alternatives to Felt Gift Cards for Father's Day.6 Alternatives to Giftcard Zen 9 Alternatives to Giftbit Payment API.ALL they HAD TO DO was respond.For a while, they are the best thing since sliced bread, but that can change.Just enter 3 to 4 pieces of information about whoever you want to shop for and we'll recommend a list of gift options.I figured I would give the cards to him when they finally got done with their so-called "verifying".
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The irony of it all is that after all of my aggravation?

They are spot.This despite the fact that this was only the 100th or so card I have ordered from them.Now, I don't understand this as I could call Lowe's pretty quick and find out that someone had used them on this day, online, for this much.Next day, I e-mail again.We were talking about almost a thousand dollars.I would imagine that they had a little more ooomph and could have expedited the whole process quicker.I called again next day, and reiterated this.They lost a good customer over this one.As I said, by this time, I had ordered them elsewhere with another company.I lie.63 cents on one card.