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Gift card holder teacher

I know we all want to show our childrens teachers how much we appreciate everything they have done throughout these past nine months!
Knit next 3 stitches.So, its getting late and youve decided to go with a gift card for that last minute gift.Tie free ends together in a knot at inside inner edge. I hate carrying loads of stuff to my car so my empathy kicks in and I cant do that to these poor teachers. Only cut the slit wide enough for the card to fit through snugly.
Slide gift card in and give grand prize certificate template to your childs teacher!
So today Im sharing a cute creative Teacher Appreciation gift idea to give a Target gift card to your childs wonderful teacher!

That is a loooong time, you guys.Materials, small Amount Worsted Weight Yarn, size US 6 (4 mm) needles.Adhere the printed card to the black cardstock. But, when I see these things, all I can think about is how that poor teacher then has to carry all of that out to his/her car on the last day of school along with all the other junk stuff he/she received and I just.So my sister and I came up with this idea for an Amazon Gift Card printable to go along with your gift card, and Im offering it to you as a free printable.Im hoping this makes the end-of-the-year craziness just that much easier!Download and print an Amazon gift card here, it is a 57 size.Click here to buy an amazon gift card).