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Gift basket ideas for sick friend

Buy soft, stretchy cotton berets, beanies and headscarves for chilly heads; and lip balm, hand cream and moisturisers from natural companies like.
I also include small, squishy pillows that can make injured limbs or neck more comfortable and a teddy bear.
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Pick up things that will make the basket more personal.He (or she) will be thrilled with a range of beers, a beer koozie/cozy/stubby holder, and some beer nuts and crisps.Our library offers recent magazines on hearing direct promotion code a give and take table, and I've found some that have made great gifts.The nicest gift may be an expression from your heart.Sweet Treats, for your friend with the sweet tooth When you have a crazy sweet tooth but have nothing sweet in your house, youll be so glad you got this basket!chocolate spread (nutella or similar and anything else chocolatey you can think of!Whats special about this gift is that it acknowledges our four legged friends!So, a new toothbrush included in the basket is a good idea!Youll pal will be roasting marshmallows that evening and will hopefully invite you over to enjoy them as well!

Chelsea Coulston is the resident decorator, baker, and pillow hoarder around these parts.Cancer: Include an encouraging or funny book to read during long waits in doctor's offices/hospitals, crossword/word search book, a bottle of hot sauce or special seasoning mix to jazz up food (cancer meds often kill appetite, but check for dietary restrictions first fancy nail polish.These creative gift basket ideas are so fun youll want to give one to everyone left on your list!Kids Beach Package A selection of toys for a day at the beach or sand box,.g.If they like bird watching, you can put in a bird seed ball or feeder.You could also include an apron, oven mitts, and gourmet baking mixes.Hospitals are also noisy and distracting, so a pretty eye mask, earplugs and a lavender pillow spray would be a welcome present.