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Fuel up to win 2017 rare stickers

As we told you in our earlier article, Mcdonalds Monopoly starts this week in the UK and for those that have the app ready and waiting to play, we can bring you a full breakdown of the Mcdonalds Monopoly 2017 rare stickers and a list.
So far nobody seems to be reporting that they have found Mayfair, so this may mean that four of the rare stickers are still up for grabs.Has anyone got Mayfair and wanna go halfs on 100k?Free codes from a restaurant with one simple trick.Triple sticker, large fries, large carbonated drink, large iced frappé/smoothie, Big Tasty, Big Tasty with Bacon, Premium Salad, Chicken Legend, Chicken Selects, Big Flavour Wrap, BBQ/Classic/Spicy from The Signature Collection.Bond Street M819 Mini Cooper 20 available (Green).The event is incredibly popular in the UK as even if you dont have a chance to win any of the major prizes, you are almost guarantees to win some instant food prizes just by eating at the restaurant as you would normally.
If you enter at that exact moment you win a cash prize ranging from 5 to 100.
Not all of these cash prizes will be won.

If you collect a full set of property stickers (ranging from 2 to 4 depending on the set) you can claim a prize.Every minute, 24 hours a day, there are two winning moments McDonalds dont state how long these are, they may be just a second long, or possibly even less!Daily star, mcdonald'S monopoly 2017: Looking where to find the rare Mayfair sticker worth 100k?Old Kent Road M800 McDonalds medium extra value meal 1,500,000 available (Brown).You may also want to know which food you need to buy in Mcdonalds which will award you with the most stickers to play the game, these are going to be the following items: There sc lottery scratch off prizes remaining are a lot of prizes to be won,.I've got park lane, split it 75k-25k?He wrote: Ive never wanted a full set of greens more than I do right now - please give me Bond Street!Which products to buy, stickers dont come with every product at McDonalds.THE McDonalds Monopoly has begun and people are already hunting around for the 100k cash prize.Dale Morris, on Twitter Park Lane sticker holders are offering to split the money with people who have found Mayfair.Northumberland Avenue M807 Wireless speaker 3,000 available (Pink).