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Final fantasy x blitzball prizes

This kept me from The Zanarkand Abes for the first game.
Kaji's team: "Mercy Killers" Team Formation: 2-2-3 Play Style: Post Play Neffe Shaami Mep Nida Zalitz Ropp Jumal Mifurey FW- Neffe: Neffe doesn't have any skills like Shu, but his SHT is remarkably high.
Note that the prizes are randomly generated.
She's a decent mid-fielder.Han higher atk version of if I always keep all my main characters.Auroch shuperb discount voucher Reels, tournament prize for obtaining first place.As much as people like to stick this goddess of blitz as a forward, I like her as a mid-fielder, so she does a bit of everything.It was introduced as the main minigame of FFX, and appears once again in a different form in the sequel.Trading - Besides scouting, there is also trading.Its no big deal, however.If your team does really well, you can earn some great items.REC (Receive) How well the player can receive passes from their team members.The prizes must be obtained in the order that they are listed.Rng / -Atk End with max main stats but 0 attack "Only Shoot and Receive are left to tweak after the above but with their direct influence on each other they are left to the player to pick and choose their values." Editor's note: For.Very risky if the opposition has good blockers, but very rewarding if you have strong passers and some luck.Raises PAS, BLK, RNG, and REC; lowers CAT and END.
Note: Using no adrenaline guage whatsoever, this team can 7-0 every opponent, with the exception of sometimes the Psyches (usually around 6-0) and the Aurochs (5 or 6-0).
You do not directly control any of your players.

Attack Reels, tournament prize for obtaining first place.Double Sides Defense: The right fielder and defender block the right side, and the left fielder and defender do the same for their side.Individual prizes are also awarded for league top scorers.You can change the camera style before the match.Status Reels, league prize for obtaining first place.How far the player can shoot or pass the ball.
Rng / -Atk.
Chance of MOR increasing to max 11: Counseling.