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ffps promotional code

Collection of IP Address An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device participating in internet that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.
If you do not consent to our use of cookie and wish to disable the cookies which are set by EVA Air websites, or any other website, you can do this by changing your browser settings.
When you book or purchase peripheral services (e.g.You might see these advertisements on the websites of EVA Air and on other sites you visit.Online shopping, inflight shopping, refund and after-sales service; Online services (meal selection, check-in, filling out the arrival/departure records as mandatory required by the competent government authority Short message service subscriptions; Online activities/Advertising, evasion tour package, liaison regarding flight booking, ticketing, membership services, customers opinion survey.To unsubscribe the marketing/promotional message delivery, please visit the EVA AIR web-site to or contact EVA AIR local service center for more information.Performance Cookies - Performance cookies collect information about which pages visitors go to most often, and if you experienced fantasia lose to win live any errors.To assist you in this process, we provide links of some of the most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer- Chrome- Firefox- EVA AIR partners advertising networks, Google, Knorex, Facebbok and Criteo, to capture non-personally identifiable data from you through third-party cookies.Most of the web-sites may use cookies to provide services to their customers.If you provide incorrect or incomplete personal information, such as a nickname, which prevents us from verifying your real identity, we might be unable to uphold your exercise of privacy rights listed above.To disable the use of cookies, please visit the EVA AIR web-site to get more information.To safeguard your rights and interests in your transaction process through EVA AIR, the personal information which you have provided us will be verified against that of a third-party agency to facilitate transaction security and prevent your credit card from being fraudulently used by others.Collection of E-mail Address EVA AIR will follow the guidelines for Categories of personal information collected in using the e-mail addresses collected from you to deliver relevant information that you have agreed to receive, including transaction information, services and special privileges, various information notice.Purpose: to inform FFP Members of marketing/promotional events and special offerings concerning the co-branded cards.To assist you in this process, we provide links of some of the most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer- Chrome- Firefox- If you choose to withhold consent and block cookies, you may not be able to access all or part of our websites.(ex: preorder, on-line shop or duty free) for credit card authorization or bank transfer) before completing a ticket purchase.

Financial transactions and authorization: the finance-related information provided by passengers in their ticket or all kind of ancillary services purchase will be submitted to respective financial institution in the ticket purchase process (e.g.Civil Law, Personal Data Protection Law of Taiwan, etc.) or the period of preservation necessary for the execution of the business (if longer than the period prescribed by law) or on a contractual basis.Do not disclose your personal information to others.Usage period: The period of use of the personal information mentioned above is based on the duration of collection of the specified purpose, or as determined by applicable laws (e.g.Targets and methods: Targets and methods: In addition to applying the collected personal information in ticket purchase, and any other pre-paid service, EVA Air will also use the information in the following areas: Ticketing notice, Certificate of Ticket Issuance, Receipt, Invoice, fare information, purchasing information.Internet reservation, shopping, member contact or other data change and close the window before you leave the site if you share a computer with others.Targets and regions: the co-branded card issuers and locations of their contractors for handling related affairs.We also use IP address to block the visitor, who is unable to comply with the terms of service, from accessing to our website and mobile services.EVA Air website (m EVA Sky Shop web-site (m) and EVA Air mobile website (m) are secure site with the GeoTrust server Digital ID of which enable secure communications between your browser and our website.We store this information to help us manage security, analyze how our website and mobile services interact with you and do the product marketing and advertisement.
For the presentation and marketing of products and advertisement, including the services and products of the Company and/or of a third-party contract partner, and the Companys contractors, agencies, subsidiaries, associated companies, group and/or business partners.
The personal information you provide is processed via computerized instruments, with the required cross border data transmission to the Company and its contractors, agencies, subsidiaries, associated companies, group, immigration authorities of the arrival country and business partners, for the provision of products and services.