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Electric hot water system rebate

electric hot water system rebate

They passively track the sun for more hours of the day to provide greater solar collection.
Designed in Australia to meet Australian conditions Apricus is an Australian owned and operated company.
Is a highly energy-efficient replacement for your traditional electric hot water system.Solar hot water systems use the light and heat energy marriott rewards annual fee from the sun to raise the temperature of water held in a reservoir.More info, watch Video.Options: Hot water heater storage 250L, 315L, 400L, electric or gas booster, evacuated tube solar collectors 22, 30 or 44 tube configurations.Importantly, the Sanden Eco Plus system does not require an electric booster element!Class leading warranties, which are backed by Sandens 35 years of operation in Australia.All systems are designed to meet even the toughest Australian conditions and built to last.Solar Hot Water Systems manufactured by, apricus, Red Circle Solar, Solar Mio, Tivok and Wise Living.The roughly 200,000 Western Australian homeowners with solar hot water can vouch for that fact.Home Solar, hot, water, systems, a electric evacuated tube solar hot water system.Woodfire Boosted Solar Hot Water to learn how a solar hot water system and woodfire combustion stove can be connected together to provide substantial savings on your annual hot water runnings costs.
Cyclone Rated Our mounting frames are designed in Australia and are rated to withstand cyclonic winds.
With a wide range of technologies, including close-coupled, s plit systems, evacuated tub e and heat pump s, we are sure to have a system to suit every individuals needs.

National Support Network Our products are available through 1,200 resellers across Australia so you will enjoy local, dedicated support.Plumber Preferred Plumbers that install solar hot water systems trust and prefer Apricus.See review Reviewed 18/4/16 on Newsletter Sign Up Phone: A, 167 Prospect Highway Seven Hills NSW 2147.Cold Weather High Performance Apricus evacuated tubes have a vacuum between two glass layers working like a thermos flask allowing up texas holdem promo code to 95 of the solar energy to be retained leading to higher performances in colder climates.Reinforcing the roof structure is not necessary compared to other solar hot water systems than can weight up to 500kg on a roof.Our systems are easy to install and the known high performance from superior components means their customers are happy too.How does a solar hot water system work?What do our customers think?See Warranty for details.Big saving on gas bill: The system has been great set and forget minimal checking and maintenance required.
You can save money and reduce your households impact on the environment by installing an ultra efficient, evacuated tube solar hot water system from Apricus.