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Discount car rental customer reviews

The company is not smart because not only was their a cost to move all those cars two days ago to other cities but now you have to pay drivers to get cars from other cities of branches, time, fuel cost, customer service issues.
The savings of having those cars on rent!The employee mentioned she could trade it the following day for a car however when she tried she was told there were none.They did a walk around of the vehicle that was less than 15 seconds, when we returned the vehicle we were informed of a scratch that we never seen, and were questioned why we didn't call it in, tried to explain that wasn't till now.Please feel free to make any enquiries or requests on the enquiry form located on our Contact Us page.The Management and Operations team have been notified.We are allied with one of Auckland's biggest, oldest and most respected used car importers, Mike Vinsen Motors, who have been an important part of the New Zealand car industry for over 32 years.The amount of work that is done on an average day you will do the work of 5 different areas, Car prep, customer service, chauffeur, accounts receivable, marketing/sales rep all for the same pay.Yet comparisons are constantly done error.This creates a very negative employee experience.All of our vehicles are of the highest quality and have undergone comprehensive NZ Land Transport Safety Authority checks.We are licensed by the NZ Land Transport Safety Authority as a rental operator and we also have associate rental companys in Rarotonga, Island Car Bike Hire and Rarotonga Rentals.
Dear Sir/Madam, We thank you for your feedback.

Employees, with-in your first few months of starting at discount the ambition, hype, dreams, dedication is gone with-in seconds of your 60 days, why you ask?Benefits, they like to say you get perks at companies and company "discounts" meanwhile this is a joke "perkopolis" is not a big benefit and when it comes to company discounts, your better off booking your own car on your own and get "retail" rates.NZ Discount Car Rentals Delivers The Best Value Rental Vehicles In New Zealand.So yes they will rip you off at this place, go to enterprise, way better service and they are located at airport.Not to mention if your lucky to work at a branch with allot of tenure employees which is very unheard of you may be dreaming because that never happens at Discount because most of its staff have little to no tenure at all.2 days later the big gift I get a call from.Little do you realize that your being abused by your own employer and yet you find yourself trap.
There were not profits because it has not cost more than it would have to just sit with those cars- error.
People don't rent from here as the service sucked and rent from a better well known car rental establishment.

This is a result because the company fuels its employees by fear that IF your sales, units, NPS are not met your job could be on the line.