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Discount car rental corporate office

The company pays itself rent at locations it owns, they do this by having a sister company- New Horizons car and truck rentals.
Not to mention if your lucky to work at a branch with allot of tenure employees which is very unheard of you may be dreaming because that never happens at Discount because most of its staff have little to no tenure at all.
There were not profits because it has not cost more than it would have to just sit with those cars- error.If you need any additional information, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to respond to your request.Discount Car Truck Rentals is not only privately owned but is also the first car and truck rental company in Canada to focus on the insurance replacement business.Cons, at the branch levels its a mess with the way the branch is to operate and targets assigned that make no sense to its managers and yet to any employee working.The company sets goals and targets from the previous year.Yet comparisons are constantly done error.Some with no valid reasons are dismissed.At Head Office, you will be part of one of the professional teams that support our branches.The savings of having those cars on rent!They didn't have a car for any of the 19 people in front of me on the waiting list, either.Head office see's this and they panic because cars do not make money sitting on the lot so they are moved to other branches or other cities in some bulma's gift xmas edition full cases other "territories".No one ever did.They never found me a vehicle or honoured the rental reservation.Established in 1980 in Hamilton, ocean palms beach resort promo code Ontario (Canada) by Herb and Rhoda Singer, Discount Car Truck Rentals has been an industry leader from the beginning.

I waited until 3pm (my reservation, you'll remember, was at noon) and then I gave.Of any size (oh, she did say that if I wanted to take a cargo van, I could, but really?).All the fake propaganda you were bran washed with is now unfolding in-front of your eyes.Little do you realize that your being abused by your own employer and yet you find yourself trap.Now boasting over 300 locations coast to coast, Discount Car Truck Rentals will serve you anywhere in Canada and in some parts of Australia.Mission, be the rental company of choice in the markets we service.Core values, sPEC Guarantee, its spec guarantee (Service, Professionalism, Efficiency and Care) assures all clients outstanding attention-whose reach gets the totality of the experience of rent both from the point of view of the dealer and of that of the tenant of the vehicle.The company banks on bad weather conditions where they will get allot of its referrals from insurance companies.By rubbing elbows with our dynamic teams, a wide variety of experiences that will expand your knowledge await you.
If you want to build a brighter future, work with a smile on your face, develop your knowledge and skills, live your passion, determine your strengths and ambitions, and share in our challenges, we are anxious to hear from you!

Re: DON'T rent from discount car rental.