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Daycare teacher leaving gift

Movie passes, Restaraunt gift certificates, even a nice Bonus.
I always love getting a card with a nice "Thanks for all you do!" As far as any other type of gift, hmmmm.
She is waitressing in malco discount code the meantime, and unique gifts you can make I know money is tight.When I first started out, gift certificates for materials and toys jumbo birthday gift bags etc.I still have lots of ornaments and things from kids in the past and fondly remember them at Christmas.Seite 6 6, seite 7 7, seite.My dcp know I love to read, so a gift cert to a book store would be wonderful!LOL 2 small picture frames that say "school buds".
If a parent wants to give me a gift, a certificate or cash is what would be appreciated most.

It was an awesome concert and most generous gift.The gift of understanding!It's nice to know they actually thought about me when picking the gift.She somehow got all of my dck's together and had their handprints put on a white sweatshirt.I sure missed my pretty new ornament this yr!As submitted by members of Provider's Playground join us on FaceBook!I would always welcome cash!They get me wonderful gifts.

You have these children every day, you see their parents every day and they should know what you like.
Now that I have been up and running for about 6 years, more personal gifts are nice; especially those that include my family as the in-home childcare does take it's toll on them at times.