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Access_level Integer Indicates what level of access the group has.
Note: This is not a sum super bowl 52 win of the individual file view counters.
Pic_hdr_ip Text ( 255 chars) The IP of the uploader.Coppermine uses both the adjacency list and nested set models to represent category heirarchy.Visibility, integer, this corresponds to the 'album can be viewed by' option.Cpg15x_bridge Contains bridge configuration settings.Comments YES / NO Whether comments are permitted on files in this album.Plugins can also add settings here.This table can get quite large if you have lots of comments.See the function get_pic_url in include/p.Cpg15x_plugins List the currently installed plugins.This is relative to Coppermine's albums directory.

Simply used to manage plugins.Can_post_comments Integer Indicates whether or not this group has permission to post comments.Cpg15x_er_id pic_rating Integer The value represents the current average rating of the file.User_group Integer The primary group of the user.Many Thanks The Coppermine dev team would like to thank the whole community for all their efforts over the years.Player divx/QT/RMP/SWF/WMP States which media player should be used to play files of this type.

Cpg15x_albums, stores information about albums.
Pos Integer This is the position of the album within its parent category.
Content audio/document/image/movie States how Coppermine should display the file.