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Forest, Jean-Claude - illustration from V Magazine 1962. .
Both pencils and inks per uhbmcc; GCD remains uncertain on inker.Caniff, Milton - 3 gag gifts for cardiologists vintage Miss Lace original color illustrations done for AFA Squadron # to 52 to later be hand painted on to ties. .Other new strip art include Wunder, George - Terry and Pirates Sunday from 1962.Woodring, James - Congress of Animals page 82 with Frank.I believe the them is is trump nominated for the nobel peace prize a Trophy wall.Atlas did not achieve any breakout hits and, according to Stan Lee, Atlas survived chiefly because it produced work quickly, cheaply, and at a passable quality.All the classic Wood elements, girls, guns and gadgets.Gibson, Ian - cool 2000 AD page with a very Halo Jonesesque character.
Cravath, Glen - illustration of Isa Miranda.
McFeatters, Dale - gag panel.

Vacation Days "On the River" art and print, "The Hikers" art and print, "The Surf Board" art and print.Bonhomme, Eric - illustration Donaldson, Kristian - DMZ page. .Silke, Jim - 3 cool pages from Betty Page Spicy Tales, 18, 19 and. .Issue #25 page 4 by Lily Renee from Senorita Rio storyline.Storey, Baron - the artist's artist. .Dillon, Steve - Keeping the theme of popular new comics, a great page from Preacher #30 with Arseface.Giolitti, Alberto - Starstream #1 splash by an Italian master.
King, Frank - Gasoline Alley Daily Feb 6, 1941 and May 31st, 1940 Wright, David - Carol Day 60 and 61 which I have coveted for some time.

This was an unexpected piece and I couldn't be happier with. .