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Coles supermarket 4 cent fuel discount docket

coles supermarket 4 cent fuel discount docket

Changing habits, we might have complained about them when they were introduced, but self-service check-outs have changed the way we shop, Mr Zimmerman said.
Just talking to family and friends, Im getting a sense just talking to people generally that shopper dockets are not as important as they used to be, he said.The size of the discount retailers could offer was also curtailed.Another reason why motorists are not as reliant upon discount coupons is that petrol is simply less costly than it used.Now that theyve got real time price data, before they get in the car to fill up people can just check on the app and what theyve discovered is that the cheapest petrol is often 10, 15, sometimes 20 cents cheaper than Caltex, Coles and.While you can fill up for as little.14 a litre at the moment, a few years ago the price was as high.60.I think people caught onto the fact that, even with the shopper docket discount, they were still paying more at Woolworths service stations than their competitors and often those competitors were across the road or around the corner, Mr Khoury said.Gone are the days of the once-a-week, 200 grocery shop; these days, many Australians make last-minute ornata discount code decisions about what to have for dinner, popping in to buy ingredients on the way home from work.They cannot manually put it into the system apparently.Some fuel retailers had complained that they simply could not afford to match the supermarkets fuel discounts of 8 cents or more, because those discounts were being funded from markets that were separate and unrelated to the fuel retailing markets.It will assess the lawfulness of any such offers made by other parties and take appropriate action to deal with any traders it considers are engaging in anti-competitive conduct.The undertakings are available at tml/itemId/6029.Caltex, the underbidder in Woolworths.8 billion sale of its service stations to BP, noted that shopper dockets appeared to be going out of fashion when it commented on the sale.Weve accepted the undertakings because they address the acccs principal competition concerns and allow the matter to be resolved quickly and efficiently.Im not suggesting petrols cheap, but I think its probably fair to say that petrol, in relation to where it was, is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be, Mr Zimmerman said.
It is not advertised in store however I have now used Coles 4c/L discount voucher at several United Petroleum service stations.E.
The accc remains concerned about any other fuel discount offers funded by non-fuel retailing operations and any other fuel discount offers above 4 cents per litre which are conditional on purchases of goods or services (other than purchases at the petrol outlet).

On each occasion the attendant scans the voucher on their systems and 4c/L discount is applied.THE aldi effect, with discount retailer Aldi muscling in on the big supermarkets turf, Mr Zimmerman said, shoppers had something far more compelling than fuel discounts on their minds: cheaper groceries.This means they often dont meet the 30 minimum spend to get a discount voucher.The accc has been conducting an investigation into whether fuel saving offers issued by major supermarket chains (sometimes referred to as shopper dockets) were causing a substantial lessening of competition in markets for the retail sale of fuel.But the popularity of the controversial vouchers which sparked a legal battle between Coles, Woolworths and the competition watchdog appears to be waning.Not sure how long this has been available but I just stumbled across it recently.The key aspects of the undertakings include: Coles and Woolworths may continue to offer fuel saving offers to their supermarket customers, but any discounts on fuel offered to supermarket customers from re not to exceed 4 cents per litre; at their service stations, Coles and.NO more rorts, the real nail in the coffin for fuel discount vouchers was the public realisation that they were often not saving them much at all, said nrma spokesman Peter Khoury.
We dont tend to go out and buy a weeks worth of groceries in one go any longer, he said.

Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman agreed, saying shopper dockets have lost their importance for a number of good reasons.
(NB: These United servos near me do advertise a discount for Ritchies IGA voucher in store).
On my most recent fill-up of E10 the attendant made a point of telling me that they will only process the discount if the voucher scans.