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Christmas gifts for scotch drinkers

It's a 2014 batch, not gift from the heart foundation sure if this a bad bottled year?
A perfect winter warmer.
If you decide to remove the Element (perhaps if you reach a target flavor within less time youll need to decant the bottle into another empty bottle or decanter to retrieve the Element.Alcohol is muted, barely there.Simply THE best Lagavulin - Simply the best!This is a great and does shane co offer military discount powerful, smokey and flavorful whiskey.Same price as the 18 Laphroaig.I prefer Talisker 10, and Talisker Storm, in fact the Tesco only Highland Park Dragon thing is a more rounded and an equal a fist in a velvet glove perhaps.Mouth: Oily, rich and thick.Full of flavour with plenty of smokiness, it seemed perfect in the warm weather but I can imagine this being great on a cold night.It is really a great whisky and one that I will buy from time to time.More than just smoke.I had this for the first time last night, after returning from my trip to Scotland, where I decided peat is definitely my preferred taste.
This is the Usain Bolt of smokey whisky from Islay.

My favorite all time whiskey.Incredible complexity and very peaty - gorgeous for a cold winter's night.The nose alone is worth the price of the bottle, and the taste and finish mxm alpha key giveaway have a "roundness" to them that I find hard to find in other Islay whiskies.But this one always holds a special place in my palate.Big, powerful peat and oak.Nose is campfire and perfume, gritty yet colorful.Peaty and Smoky on top of peat and smoke, might be too much for some people but if you like earthy scotches this is king!
I was never a Sctoch drinker until I had my first sip of Lagavulin.
Lagavulin 16 Year Old Bottling Note.

In the end : very good but not perfect.
Will stick with my Glenlivet and Macallan Liquid gold I enjoy most of the Island Malts, but Lagavulin although slightly more expensive is a nice one to bring to the table, I like the bottle, label, dark colour and of course the taste, served only.