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Cereal box prizes 1960's

cereal box prizes 1960's

Kelloggs Corn Flakes had the first breakfast cereal prize.
Perhaps it was because we werent given much back then outside of Christmas and birthdays, so we appreciated any sort of present, no matter how pitiful. .
Ice cream cereal doesnt have enough sugar to satisfy you? .
Most of us wouldnt have.Everyone remembers Boo-Berry, Frankenberry and Count Chocula, but we often forget Fruit Bruit (and Yummy Mummy Quentin Tarantino certainly doesnt, as he featured this cereal.Cereal Boxes Prizes: 1960s: A Tribute Price Guide.67.You might start by just jamming your hand down into the cereal, crushing it as you went, to retrieve the prize by brute force.Sci-Fi one crush away sweepstakes Themed Prizes, had you saved this unopened box, you could sell this it today and retire comfortably.It was one of the best parts of grocery day for a child growing up in the 1960s or 70s, and perhaps even before.In fact, some cereal box prizes are today sought after collectors items.These cereal premium prizes were at first, a point-of-sale giveaway.Kids today will never know the simple joy of finding a prize in a cereal box. .Putting the cereal back into the box was never as easy as it seemed, though.Finding a prize in the bottoms of cereal boxes is a happy childhood memory for many.In 1981, Coco Puffs offers Color Bubbles gum.
Quite a lot of trouble for something that broke almost immediately or became boring after a few minutes.
However, the first prizes werent placed inside the cereal boxes.

The pressure for cereal companies, fast-food chains, and other companies that marketed foods to children all but killed the cereal box prize.Yellow Submarine, came boxes of Nabisco Rice Honeys with Beatles Rub-Ons inside.And what was all this hubbub over cereal box prizes about, anyway? .You can read more about what was inside these books here.In the 1970s Hendry developed an injection molding process for cereal prizes, which enabled many new kinds of prizes to be made quickly and cheaply.Later, Kelloggs changed from an in-store point-of-sale offer to a mail-in offer.A while back, I included.According to most sources, the first ever prize used to market cereal was introduced by Kelloggs Corn Flakes in 1909.They were the prize for eating all the cereal, after all!The toys were generally cheaply made crap. .But the cereal box prize didnt really take off until cheap plastics manufacturing became a reality in the mid-1950s. .

In the 1920s, Kelloggs also gave away.