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Can you gift battle net balance

Gift Balance will take you to another screen to choose your lucky friend.
You cant transfer the balance between accounts or use it to gift Blizzard Balance to someone else.As with other gifts, youll receive an email and a das blumenhaus florist & gifts notification in the Blizzard App when a friend sends you Blizzard Balance, informing you that the gift has arrived and is ready to be claimed.Select Add/Gift Balance, choose the amount you want to send.This 20/15 gift card is now available at a wide range of retailers across Europe.Sending Balance gifts is simple: visit the.Struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend, or just hoping to give them the flexibility to choose their own gifts?Heres how to gift Blizzard Balance to a friend through t: Visit the, blizzard Shop, go to Blizzard Balance.World of Warcraft guildmate?However, real money in exchange for in-game transactions from someone else is still against the ToU and unsupported if one should ever get burned in such a deal.Check out our list of the best Hearthstone decks for beginners.If youve ever wanted to get your game friends something special or tried to help out a guildmate and found yourself hampered, the game shop has just become a little bit better.All they need to do is claim the code on the back of the card in order to charge up their Blizzard Balance, which can be used to purchase a variety of Blizzard digital items, games, and services.Heroes of the Storm Collection: pick up your favorite heroes, deck them out in the best-looking skins and mounts, then complete your collection with banners, sprays, voice lines and more!From that option you then choose a Real ID or BattleTag from your list of Blizzard friends and a custom message if you so please, before heading to the payment page.

Blizzard Entertainment, have you ever wanted to give a friend a few Loot Boxes for.In other words, you can send in-game currency to other players.Clicking Add Balance will try to add the amount to your own Blizzard Balance.Filed Under: Battle Net Shop, t Balance, t Gifts, Battlenet Balance, Blizzard Balance, Blizzard Game Shops, Character Services, Gifting, related.World of Warcraft pets and mounts: take to Azeroth's skies in style on an epic mount or adopt a cute pet.One caveat: There are two buttons to check out, and Add Balance is already highlighted while Gift Balance is directly under it and easy to miss.
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