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Can t win for losing meaning

can t win for losing meaning

Related: Lost ; losing.
To stray from or become ignorant of (one's way, directions, etc.
Headless aldi flowers discount code roaches are capable of living for weeks.Short and round, with oversize glasses that a gift from the six wow frequently slide off her nose, she has an easy manner and deadpan sense of humor that belie her past as a runaway from an abusive mother.People in need of caretaking the elderly, the young are left without caretakers.Incarcerating indigent defendants mercury music prize winners 2009 for no other reason than that they cannot meet even a minimum bail amount strips our justice system of its credibility and distorts its operation.Even that figure fails to capture the churn of local incarceration: In a given year, city and county jails across the country admit between 11 million and 13 million people.Disappearing into the machinery of the justice system separates family members, interrupts work and jeopardizes housing.
Im sorry, counselor, thats my bail decision, the judge responded.
A clerk counting the 1,000 Peter Goldberg handed him moments earlier to bail out Troy editPhilip Montgomery for The New York Times The only truly meaningful reform, many observers agree, is to take money out of the bail process entirely.

Tomlin had served two short stints in prison on felony convictions for auto theft and selling drugs in the late 80s and mid-90s, but even now, grizzled with white stubble and looking older than his 53 years, he found it hard to land steady work."There's no uncontrolled bleeding.".To suffer the deprivation of: to lose one's job; to lose one's life.If Kalief Browders death wasnt in vain, says Peter Goldberg, executive director of the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, it wont be because of the proposals weve seen so far from the city.The long-term damage that bail inflicts on vulnerable defendants extends well beyond incarceration.Under these programs, a small number of qualifying defendants, who might otherwise be held on bail, are instead set free and required to check in with caseworkers by phone and in person.Its a horrible, deflating feeling.Johns Park in Crown Heights, trying to cool down after a hot day of work and sipping bodega iced tea through a straw.
In 1689, the English Bill of Rights outlawed the widespread practice of keeping defendants in jail by setting deliberately unaffordable bail, declaring that excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed.