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Buying whiskey as a gift

buying whiskey as a gift

Price can be used as a general guideline: the more costly, odds are it will be better than the cheaper stuff.
Drilling deeper into the right choice within the range of blends, we've brought together our blended, not Stirred' pack, which is an excellent selection worth checking for some great blend ideas.You may well find a great 22yr Single Malt, only to discover it is from a region known for its brine when your recipient prefers peat.Although single malts make up just a small percentage of the entire Whisky market, over the past few decades they've managed to achieve something of a cult status.Most of the largest Whisky producers tend to keep various griffin poetry prize tickets lines under the same name, with the premium Whisky line and then the more affordable ones.At this point the internet is your best friend.You can definitely find yourself an excellent whisky for a decent price, but you can just as easily be duped into paying over the odds.Sour, sweet and smoky.By and large, yes, it usually.There is no use finding the perfect bottle, only to realize it is way out of your range.Ok, if you are still with me, lets get to the substance of this article: First and foremost, figure out what your price point.But what Whisky should you buy as a gift?Some general regional characteristics to help you along the way: Highlands, arguably the most popular region appealing to the widest range of tastes including peat, brine, and smoke.
You wont go wrong.
Slightly briny but not as aggressive as the Islay malts.

Of course none of this can take the place of experience (i.e.Single malt or a blend?You should have a short-list selection in no time.This guideline, however, tends to only stand up within the same distillery.Distinguished by the un-malted barley used along with malted barley.For the Whisky-novice or the advanced beginner with a slant for the lighter dram, a blend is a good choice.You are best to follow the advice above, lest you buy a bottle which doesnt meet the recipients desires.