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Bulleit bourbon gift set

Bulleit Bourbon renews relationship with Sandstrom Partners for two new line extensions.
I tried it first on holiday in Vancouver.In 2011, as a recognition of the albelli discount code craftsmanship that goes into making every batch, Bulleit Bourbon won gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.I've tried an awful lot of different bourbons straight up and mixed and this is still hands down my favorite combnation, only Bulleit seems to have this unique flavour though, next best is probably buffalo trace.Best neat, on the rocks, or classic cocktails like old fashioneds.Cedar sawdust and honeysuckle.Rating (1 Lowest, 5 Highest) 1 / 52 / 53 / 54 / 55 /.Show 25 more reviews Scroll To Top.

Enter your email address below, you will be notified when this product is available.Inspired by the old recipe, Bulleit is made up of 95 rye and 5 malted barley, plus special strains of yeast.This 90 proof Kentucky bourbon delivers a wonderfully complex taste with hints of vanilla and honey and a long smoky finish.Very drinkable, smooth, with a creamy and nutty flavour.The individual who wrote here about it being akin to a funky Mickey Rourke was, for my tastes, bang on the money 5 Happy Just picked this up after trying many bourbons, and I think I've found my drink.Years ago this was one of my first bourbon purchases to be consumed sans mixer and I never looked back.
Sweet walnut fudge nose.