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Bourbon whiskey gift set

Eagle Rare: The reason for using Eagle Rare, the 10 Year Old single barrel from Buffalo Trace, as a starter bourbon is simple.
Another way to introduce someone special to bourbon is to pick a bottle and give it to him or her as a gift.Makers paper papers coupon code free shipping Mark : Like Eagle Rare, Makers Mark has the advantage of a middling proof of 90 (45 abv).Wild Turkey 101, our strongest starter bourbon (Credit: Richard Thomas wild Turkey 101 : As with Makers Mark, part of the reason for starting a novice on Wild Turkey 101 is because it is so readily and widely available.The first is that avoiding rarefied whiskey means staying within the realm of what is approachable for novices.Another reason to stay with reasonably priced whiskey is to encourage follow-up.
Starter Bourbons By The Experts, basil Hayden : This member of the Jim Beam Small Batch Collection is noteworthy within that group as the one with the lowest proof (80, or 40 abv) and the lightest body, two qualities that will make it more approachable.
Or a novice can go to the bar, pick bourbons off the shelf, and put together their own starter experience.

By Richard Thomas, eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon (Credit: Buffalo Trace for many whiskey enthusiasts, a common question from friends and family is I want to try this bourbon thing, so where should I start?At the end of every tasting, Ill break all of these rules and bring out something special, just to give people a taste of whats out there, said Steve Ury.The bottom line is that if a bourbon is affordable and readily available, the beginner who likes it will come back.Although she insists starter shouldnt be synonymous with cheap, singer-songwriter.Jenn Wong put it, I dont want to turn someone on to something that is difficult to find or is so expensive that theyll only think of it for special occasions.As Los Angeles-based food and drinks blogger.You want people to have a sense of what bourbon is about and, if they like it, a way to get it, said Steve Ury, the blogger behind.
Choosing The Right Bourbon For Beginners.

The final reason is that Woodford Reserve is the only major bourbon around made using Scottish style pot stills, instead of the more efficient column still.