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Birthday gifts for baby boy 2nd

FW, How Do I Combat Family Pressure For Lavish Parties?
Ok actually shes almost 15 months old, but sometimes Mommywoods doesnt get around to writing articles exactly on time.One memorable year, my dad and I blew up 100 balloons and put them in the rec room and then my friends and I ran around tossing balloons at each other for a military discount card program good two hours.Folks, this is going too far.She has no idea.I made invitations out of construction paper, my mom baked a cake, all of my friends came over, and we laughed ourselves silly watching movies in the basement all night long.If you want to get a nesting and stacking toy that will be appropriate for the birthday kiddo several months after the big day, consider going for something like this set of Melissa Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks.Think about whether you want to buy a gift that the birthday kiddo can play with as soon as they open it or if you want them to be able to get some use out of it a few months down the road.But dont do it because you feel you should.Its not a weird or a bad thing to be frugal.

I do like these Fisher-Price Stack Roll Cups because of how colorful and versatile they are.Additionally, the shapes are basic enough for beginners, there arent an overwhelming number of shapes, and you can flip one side open to release the shapes once theyve been placed inside.She was thrilled with these faux flowers.Have you ever tried to find the perfect birthday gift for a one-year-old?As you can see, this cake was notahemall that attractive to put it mildly and now we know why I am not a food blogger.Embracing the imperfection of doing things myself is an ongoing effort for me, but its a central element of my frugality.
Developmental skills encouraged: matching, visual perception, midline play, grasping, hand-eye coordination, visual spatial reasoning, problem solving, concentration, praxis.
They come with a little yellow rattle ball, they are easy for little hands to hold, they can be played with in the water, gift for someone special boy they can be nested or stacked, and they dont have any sharp corners.