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Best way to exchange gift cards for cash

Gift Exchange Game Instructions, to get a printable version of these instructions (for when you play just enter your name and email address in the get the printable file box at the bottom of this page, theyre included with the printable cards!
Three gifts three dice.
This game only works if the gifts are wrapped.What happens if someone rolls a 5 or a 6 and their gift is already unwrapped?If theyre just bringing one gift, just set your price range wherever you want.Its best to have one per two people, and they come four to a sheet.If you need an immediate, last-minute gift you can send a Best Buy e-gift card thatll reach the recipient in just a few seconds.Feel free to leave comments, and Ill do my best to answer!If someone cannot complete the action on traditional italian baby gifts the dice (e.g., they roll two 6s and all of their gifts are already unwrapped) their turn is over.I prefer regular for this game and white elephant for this heads or tails gift exchange game but again, do whats best for your group!Everyone should start with the same number of gifts and will end with that same number.Do the math and print out as many as you need for all of your guests and if you want to save money, feel free to print in black and white.You can give a Best Buy, Geek Squad, Thank you, Housewarming, or Wedding themed gift card so everyone on your gift-giving list gets the freedom to choose what they really want.I saw one set up where they had groups at like 3 different tables (not connected) playing the same game and no one knew what anyone else had because they couldnt see.Alternate Ending, if youd prefer, you could do one more roll for everyone after the final gift is unwrapped, including the person who unwrapped the last gift.So if player A swapped a gift with a player on their right, they cant also use that gift as the one they want to unwrap.Gift Exchange Game Preparation, before you are going to play, you have a decision to make.Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Once a gift is unwrapped, is the gift out of play?
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If you have people only bring one gift, the game will work the same way except theyll only be rolling one die instead of two or three.Blank Game Cards Ive heard from a number of people that they love the game but might want to change up one or two of the options on the card.Does everyone start and end with a gift?To keep it easy for everyone, Ive also created a blank version of the card that has the name of the game and the dice you fill in the actions that work best for your group.Better luck next time.Watch the video below to see a quick version of how to play AND to see how fun this gift exchange dice game really is!If youre set on playing this game with the entire group, here are some changes we made to speed up the game and keep everyone interested.
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If you roll a 1, you must switch your gift, again even if you dont want.

They have to exchange their gift with whoever they choose to steal from.
Plus, you can also use your gift card toward purchases of Geek Squad services too.