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Best return gifts for 2nd birthday

Old Salt - Experienced sailor.
Me Proud Beauty - Pretty woman.
If you are hosting a pirate party and are looking for some.
Powder Monkey aeroplan rewards catalogue - Boy in charge of bringing gunpowder to gunner.Sea Dog - Old pirate or sailor.Weigh Anchor - Pull up the anchor.Blow The Man Down - Command to kill someone.Dog - Friendly insult.Aye Aye - I'll get right.Return To Top Of Pirate Sayings Return To Pirate Party Ideas Return To Home Page - Birthday Party Ideas.Grog - Alcoholic drink.Dead Men Tell No Tales - Leave no survivors.Landlubber - Someone who doesn't go to sea and stays on land.

Mutiny - Open rebellion.Jolly Roger - Pirate flag.Person walks off board over the side of the ship.Heave Ho - To give it muscle and a push.Thar She Blows - Whale sighting.Conclusion Now that ye got a few key pirate words under yer belt, throw on yer pirate best, patch yer eye, pop a parrot on yer shoulder, and get ready to par-tay!