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Automated voucher system

Task 114 determines a cash disbursement to the employee.
In addition, database 32 includes a voucher section which combines the data associated with issuance of voucher 58 (FIG.
Schedule medical and dental vouchers in the Automated Voucher System (AVS).With reference back to task 56 of process 46 (FIG.1) may be configured to accept voucher 58 for a limited time, for example, no later than forty-eight hours following issuance of voucher 58, to prevent fraudulent disbursement of cash.We expect it will be in execution late next month.Unit submits voucher of request via the automated voucher system.Due to the nearby location of cash disbursement machine 28 to service terminal 22 (FIG.1) to review cash-out status field 92 associated with a particular voucher identifier to validate the voucher prior to a cash disbursement.Processor 24 includes a payment database 32, and service terminal 22 is configured to record payment data (discussed below) into payment database 32 in response to a service request (discussed below).1) to clear cash-out status field 92 (FIG.Maximum cumulative cash-out limit is the cumulative, or total, amount burns photography coupon code of money that cash machine 28 may disburse to a plurality of employees over a period time.In connection with task 74, a task 76 is performed.Training will also cover the use of the Automated Voucher System (AVS PHA Module overview; Have questions about usar Basic Trng - Mar (VA)?Furthermore, cash-out status field 92 associated with voucher identifier 60 is clear which indicates that voucher 58 has not yet been cashed.Another advantage of the present invention is that a system and method are provided for performing a cash disbursement immediately following issuance of a voucher.

Feds_heal Eight Step Process Step 1- Requirements Identified Step 2- Voucher Generation Step.3 shows an illustration of an exemplary work ticket; FIG.Voucher 58 may also include date, authorization code, and so forth.When query task 106 determines that cash-out status field 92 for a corresponding voucher identifier is flagged process control proceeds to a task 108.When query task 56 determines that voucher 58 (FIG.1) of cash disbursement machine 28 (FIG.
These employees may work for a short period, such as one day, one week, or until a specific task is completed.
Task 48 may be performed automatically in response to an employee inserting work ticket 50 into a card reader (not shown) that forms part of service terminal.