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Att rebate customer service

Enterprise Business Center, more than 100 employees, multiple locations, and more than 2,500/month in AT T services.
11 months in after having already paid 257 towards this phone, I gave the phone to my daughter.Online Account Services Support.So much for unlimited.Total scam, total screw job, horrible customer service.We noticed you may have typed personal information in the post.They said sorry, nothing.Fewer than 100 employees, 1 to 5 locations, and less than or equal to 2,500/month in AT T services.Small Medium Business Center.Compare and change calling plans, sign up for Online Billing, and more.Wireless, Home Phone Internet and AT T U-verse.I said I want to speak to a manager, it doesn't make any sense, she says I can't speak to a manager, it was best gifts for orthopedic surgeons in the terms and conditions.I got a new Samsung S7 whereby I paid for it, but there was a credit to my account.Check to confirm there is no personal information in the post.
I called to speak to customer service and they said, sorry it was in the terms and conditions.

I called to see if there was anything they could do, since I need my phone for work.Convenient billing options, easy payment options.Come to find out in doing so, I started the clock all over again, on paying off the phone.Look up a number on your bill.They shut off my phone hotspot at 10G (or so slow it didn't work).Moved to T-Mobile who has since improved the signal in my town.Business, manage your business accounts online, safely and securely.Pay or view your bill, set up automatic payments.

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