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Asap raffle promo 2017

Having emails means you can create email drip campaigns and newsletters to send to them in the future, converting non-winners into sales.
There will be 10 QCL winners and 10 mlkp winners to receive P 4,000.00 cash each.
Non-winning entries will no longer be qualified in the succeeding draws.
Attaching your Facebook raffle to an occasion like Thanksgiving, Mothers Day or even the Superbowl is a great way to boost interest in your raffle, especially if its related to the interests of your target market.Prizes that remain unclaimed after sixty (60) days from the notification will be forfeited in favor of M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc.Keep in mind that you cant ask entrants to do any of the following: Like or Comment on a Post or on your Page.Fill out a form hosted on an external landing page.Though they dont need to be right in your raffle post, make sure you at least link to them so all entrants can see your raffles exact rules and regulations.How to Run a Successful Facebook Raffle graduation gifts ireland Step 3: Raffle rules.Side note - running a contest that has some sort of theme can be a lot more engaging than a random contest.Facebook page for more details and latest updates.Running a raffle on your page is awesome because its simple - its easy to create a Facebook raffle post thats eye-catching and gets people to enter.Decisions on the results of the promo made by M Lhuillier will be deemed irrevocable with the concurrence of DTI.If youre running your Facebook raffle on an external page, youll want to follow landing page best practices.Add a popup to your website: Adding a popup to your website to direct people to your Facebook raffle is a great way to maximize win a match the returns you get from website traffic.How to Run a Successful Facebook Raffle Step 2: Choose your prize.Either way, youre going to want to create an awesome Facebook post to promote your raffle.When youre putting together your raffle, youre going to need to choose between running it right on your page, or using a third-party contest app to create an external landing page.
The way you promote your Facebook raffle can mean the difference between contest failure and success.

You always kcc reward gateway login want to maximize the total value of your prize, while keeping in mind the total value you believe can get from the sales generated in your post-raffle efforts.And two (2) lucky winners will get a chance to win a cash prize of P 1,000,000.00 each for the Grand Draw.Email the list of (non-winning) entrants telling them they unfortunately didnt win, but that youd like to give them a special discount as thanks for entering.And their relative up to 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.Place inside a legal size envelope.Lets jump right in!This means having a clear, benefit-oriented headline, highlighting the value of your prize, minimizing the number of fields on your entry form, and including social share buttons to maximize the reach of your Facebook raffle.The 1st raffle will draw three (3) winners, one winner each destination on December 1, 2017.