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Any mystery gifts for pokemon omega ruby

any mystery gifts for pokemon omega ruby

36 Shiny Rayquaza Event Release Dates : Japan: March 14th 2015 - April 12th 2015 Singapore: May cbs com am giveaway 6th 2015 - July 31st best christmas gifts for my girlfriend 2015 Gift: Rayquaza Method: In Japan, after the intercaribbean airways promo code success of the distribution at the World Hobby Fair, the shiny Rayquaza was given.
36 Delibird Event Release Dates : International: December 25th 2015 - February 29th 2016 Gift: Delibird Method: If you participated within the Festive Feud Online Competition, you will be eligible to receive a special serial code for the Delibird which holds the Relic Gold item.50 Aromatisse / Level 50 Relaxed Nature.100 20th Anniversary - Darkrai Release Dates : US: May 1st 2016 - May 24th 2016 Europe May 1st 2016 - May 24th 2016 September 1st through September 31st Gift: Darkrai Method: To celebrate the 20th anniversary, in May if you go to various stores.This is only for people who purchase the game on the eShop in the first week.Simply go to Mystery Gift Receive Gift Get With Code and enter the code.66 Happy Hour Meowth Release Dates : Europe: August 21st 2016 -?This Dragonite is unique in that it has the special move, Barrier, a move Lance's Dragonite had in those games but no Dragonite has been able to know.Only 24 Wonder Cards can be held on a game cartridge.Breakthrough Zoroark Event Release Dates : UK: November 6th 2015 - November 26th 2015 Gift: Zoroark Method: In the United Kingdom, to celebrate the release of the breakthrough TCG set, a Zoroark was made available in game for UK via Serial Code Zoroark / Level.We now know that it functions with the digital versions of Generation 1 games, and will allow players to transfer their Pokemon to the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games.Here, you get given a unique serial code within certain events or releases.The UK got it at Smyths Toy Stores Yveltal Level 100 OT: Descartes ID: 05026 Ability: Dark Aura Hold Item: No Item Any Nature.

100 Rare Candy Release Dates : Japan: November 2nd 2015 - December 16th 2015 Gift: 10 Rare Candy Method: If you particpated in the Spooky Cup Battle Competition, you became eligible to receive 10 Rare Candy as a gift.It was then released as a second chance event with the codes genesect20 (North America) and genesect2016 (Europe) Genesect Level 100 OT: GF ID: 11016 Ability: Download Hold Item: No Item Any Nature.50 Darkrai Event Release Dates : United Kingdom: February 13th 2015 - May 13th 2015 Gift: Darkrai Method: In the United Kingdom, if you go to game stores across the country, you will be able to receive a serial code that gives you access.The next step depends on the method of distribution.100 Level 100 OT: XY Z ID: 11125 Ability: Aura Break Hold Item: No Item Any Nature.If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer.
Note: If you already received the Eon Ticket via StreetPass, you will not be able to download it again using a code.