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American gifts for europeans

american gifts for europeans

Or if they are Sports fan's, a ball cap of thank you for the gift poem "Toronto Blue Jays" or "Toronto Maple Leafs".
I can then use it to bring home wine or olive oil etc.I travel to Italy each year and I used to take a local bottle of wine until the liquid restrictions came.My parents went three years ago.We are from Washington so they brought a Christmas ornament made out of ash from when.Even though the UK and Paris has a Disney Store, their stuff is differnt than our stuff.If you are staying with people as friends, then take them out to dinner in appreciation or if you feel you must bring them a gift, then make it something authentic Native American, and not some kitschy stuff.Find something uniquely American.Last trip I took some handmade glass dishes ine with platypus and one with penguins on them.I also take things from my state; candies, baseball caps, t-shirts.By the way, many asians like to receive Spam (that's right, Hormel Spam).Here we have a store called Made in Washington so I am thinking of looking there for things to bring.It's fun, tres American, tres Capitalist.For the holidays, Kiehl's has teamed up with Disney to offer kits and products honoring its iconic Mickey Mouse.I'm looking for ideas for gifts from the.S.Shirlee, I have also been thinking about this.

Caps rather than shirts as they are one size fits all.I think anything that they can look at later and will remind them of your visit will be appreciated.It is not usual to bring gifts to people who you don't know unless you are staying with them personally.If you are just going to a B B, you don't bring them gifts.Or if not, trash the box as I can get them cheap at home.Either way, maple syrup is appreciated.Fancy cost is well worth the small difference.Founded in 1851 as an old-world apothecary in New York City's East Village, Kiehl's makes high-quality skin, hair and body care products, and all are made in the United States.