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458 win mag brass

458 win mag brass

This is great brass!
Others have followed but we are considered by many as the home of the 458 socom. .
However, their case length is much more consistent than Lapua.Hard Wax Lube, excellent, fast and friendly customer service is always our priority!I have to say that the 308 Brass is outstanding!But it would be just for plinkin'.When Requesting Your Shipping"!Out of 500 pieces of 308 Win.Free Shipping on 250 and more.Oh, sure, I'd use the other stuff, if I find it on the range.Rnfp 20 RDS - brass.49.42 Black Butterfly.458 socom rifle 350 14m49s Black Butterfly Ammunition, Target,.458 socom, 350 gr, Rainier leadsafe Black Bucket, Total Copper Jacket "plinker" - brass 285.00 200.43 Defender Ammunition.458 socom rifle 350 12s 458 socom - Box.
Tested 30 random cases and this is what the stats were: OAL Avg:.00527 SD:.00083 Weight Avg: 188.42 SD:.309 VS Lapua Brass OAL Avg:.00793 SD:.00146 Weight Avg: 173.84 SD:.538 Overall: Compared to Lapua brass Starline is about 15 grains heavier.
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Freedom Munitions.458 socom rifle 300 48s Freedom Munitions Big Grains 458 socom 300.Starline all the way!Top Quality - Brinell Hardness Level.Teppo Jutsu in developing the 458 socom cartridge, and we continue the research advancement of the 458 socom and the Teppo Jutsu family of cartridges.Unknown retsock date 300 gr Solid Brass For Dangerous Game 20 rd Box.99 (More Info in Stock 300 gr Barnes ttsx 20 rd Box.99 (More Info in Stock, limited Supply 300 gr Frangible 20 rd Box.99 (More Info) In Stock 300.(any) (any)2 Vets Arms Co3-D406Ammunition57 OutdoorAccu-TekAccura PremiumAccurateAcmeACT MagazinesAdaptive Tacticaladiadvanced ArmamentAdvanced Ballistic ConceptsAdvanced TechnologyAdvantage ArmsAGB ArmsAguilaAim SportsAlchemistAlexander ArmsAllegianceAlliantalsama denexamcamend2American Built ArmsAmerican BulletAmerican CowboyAmerican EagleAmerican MunitionsAmerican PioneerAmerican PrecisionAmerican QualityAmerican TacticalAmerican Weigh ScalesAmmo Storage ComponentsAmmo Five Bulgarianarxascasian Militaryasymatiatlanta ArmsAtlantic MarksmenAtomicAustralian Defense IndustriesAustralian AGB-SquareBallistic PerformanceBallistic PrecisionBallistic PellagriBattenfeldBattle Born Munitionsbbmbear.Price # Rounds Price/Rd Error?Paul W of Oceanside, California.JHP 20-Pack - brass.01.95 Black Butterfly.458 socom rifle 350 14m49s Black Butterfly Ammunition, Target,.458 socom, 350 gr, Berry Plated Round Shoulder (5 Round Sample Pack) - brass.89.98 Black Butterfly.458 socom rifle 350 14m49s Black Butterfly Ammunition, Premium,.458 socom, 350.Purchased 1000 cases when they first released and expected an outstanding product like their pistol brass.WilsonLake CityLancerLapuaLawrenceLax AmmunitionLeadheadLeeLegacy Sports InternationalLegendaryLehigh DefenseLes AmmoLithuanian MilitaryLoad BlendMagnum MaterialsMagnum ResearchMarlinMass AmmomastmasterPiece ArmsMatch Rifle PowderMatcoMatrix Diversified ElisenhuttemfsmicrotechMid America MunitionsMidsouth Bulk BulletsMighty ArmoryMilitary Ballistics Industriesmilitary surplusMiMCMinuteman MunitionsMirageMission FirstMississippi BrassMissouri BulletsMiwallmixedmkemks SupplyModern ArmsModular Driven AmmunitionMontana AmmunitionMontana GoldMossbergmtmmultiple ImpactMunitions, IncmwgnamnationalNational PoliceNcStarNemo ArmsNevada American ArmsNorth GeorgiaNorthern MagazinesOhio Ordnanceokay IndustriesOLY.
I'm buying more as soon as I finish here.

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