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338 lapua win mag

338 lapua win mag

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However, with that muzzle brake, the recoil wont be out of control, but stay away from the bargain basement scopes since they tend to not hold.
#, 11:07 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Nov 2013 Location: BF Egypt Posts: 5,884": Originally Posted by nvshooter That's 7360 pounds-feet of muzzle energy. 6 thirty.For some it may be worth.These are large cartridges that use slow burning powders and require long barrels.Myself if I was interest I'd have hard time between 338 Edge and 338 Lapua.For example, Steyrs SSG-08 rings in at around seven grand.For a little over 400, you could grab a Vortex Viper.Posts: 405": Originally Posted by cjc326 I know there is a difference between the 2 calibers.The time now is 07:07.
There is no point in wasting powder in the form of muzzle blast.
The barrels design and length could possibly have a greater impact of MV than the cartridge itself.

Are all that's left.If you want to go out to 1500 yards the 300 WSM, 7mm WSM, or 300 Win mag will all.To me, it's unreasonable unless a guy is wealthy and wants to spend all the energy, time, and money it takes to shoot the distances that rifle was designed for.The Gun, savage 110.338 Lapua, we will start with the easy part.If you purchase regular factory ammunition, a box of 20 rounds can cost well over 100.A major part of the solution to both of these, is a higher than usual BCs.I'm going to have my old stepped brno Mauser's 29 incher bobbed to 24 inches.It gives you a BDC reticle and a stellar reputation red letter days discount voucher code for an outstanding scope.Berger will be releasing two new bullets for the.338, one of which is rumored to weigh 300gr and have a BC of around.855!I would say this would be similar for building a Lapua on a Rem 700 based custom.

Dont forget to pick up some quality scope rings either.
Ive heard that going from 28 to 30 only nets and extra 50fps.
#, 07:28 PM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Jul 2006 Location: Pocahontas,.