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300 win vs 300 wsm

300 win vs 300 wsm

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What are you planning to hunt with it?This video is intended to help you figure out which one is going.Thanks for the input guys.The.300 Winchester Magnum that belted affair based on a shortened Holland and Holland casewas released in 1963 as the last in a quartet of cartridges that redefined magnum performance to the masses.Jan 29, 2012 #12 Re: 300 Win Mag.I don't mind some weight, provided the package isn't over say the 12-14 lbs range.My vote goes to the 300WSM.Good day Folks, Could use your experiences here.Jan 29, 2012 #14 Re: 300 Win Mag.I believe the heaviest bullet that I'd shoot would be 190., maybe VLD's.That belt was designed for proper headspacing on the sloped-shouldered.375 H H case (and the.275 H H Magnum that barely predated it allowing to feed properly from a box magazine while maintaining the positive headspacing characteristics of the rimmed cases.Long actions tend to be more money.Non belted case, less powder, and the same performance if not better.Besides, barrels are cheap, all other things considered.No self-respecting magnum cartridge of the 20th century would have shown its face on the market whipped boyfriend gifts without the Holland Holland belt, though very few of themexcepting the straight-walled affairsneeded them at all.BTW - Hoosierswat - the by "shorter neck" size, I assume you are referring to the shorter case size?

While that may not bother some, others prefer as many down as possible.Like someone else posted you will have better luck finding.300wm in small villages.You stated that your bullet selection was the 190 class for occasional hunting and paper to 600, the WSM will give you the performance.I have seen some issues with the overall length of the case preventing some of the modern bulletswith the really long ogivesbeing able to function through the magazine in some rifles, but I suppose that comes with the territory.The.300 Winchester Magnum was also designed with a very short neck0.264 long to be preciseand has been criticized for.But will this be as efficient as the 300 Win in a 23" bbl?

In addition, the girth of the cartridge robs magazine capacity; they're fat and take up more room in the rifles magazine.
It did just that, driving.30 caliber bullets (within reason) at similar velocities to the belted.300 Winchester, but its not as simple as that.
As a former 300 Win Mag owner I know how accurate that cartridge can be in a solid package/I do my part, etc.