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300 win mag vs 375 h&h

If you are interested in their rifle stocks, both companies use wood and synthetic/composite materials.
The trio took both the.30-06 case and the shortened.300 H H Magnum case and necked them to hold the bullets for the.333 Jeffery cartridge.
( Privacy Policy ) AppNexus This is an ad network.Put another way, Id much rather put two boxes of 300-grain.375 H H ammo downrange in a thailottery win com single sitting, than I would two boxes of 250-grain.338 Winchester Magnum.Like the.3x62mm Mauser, all of these cartridges used cordite or smokeless powder as their propellent and were built for use in bolt action rifles. .The lighter 200- and 225-grain bulletsespecially the premium designswill handle elk, moose and bear, and the light bullets between 175 and 185 grains make a good deer bullet, especially at longer ranges.Lets take healthy rewards ppo a more detailed look into these two classic cartridges.If you want to enhance the performance of the.375 H H, Normas African PH load offers the 350-grain Woodleigh Weldcore and Solid bullets at a muzzle velocity of 2300 fps.

Note: some of the links below are affiliate links.Well, here in North America its pretty much a dead heat, as the.338 Winchester Magnum and its 250-grain bullets can effectively handle all of our game animals, including the great bears, and the.375 H H Magnum with the lighter premium bullets like the 235-grain.The 300-grain soft points and solids, driven to a muzzle velocity of 2530 fps, offer over 4,000.-lbs.While the.30-06 Springfield proved early on that it was perhaps the definitive hunting cartridge for nearly all North American game, there are species here, and around the globe, that require a bit more than what the.30-06 has to offer.Leaving the muzzle at 2650 fps, it has a good trajectory and plenty of striking power for almost all game species, save the African heavies.The.375 H H Magnum did not suffer from this problem and hunters in Africa started to replace their Mausers with the.375.Second, the popularity of the.375 H H is very similar to the.30-06 Springfield here in the.S.; its one of the most renowned and readily available cartridges around the globe.With its gentle, sloping shoulder and belt of brass at the base of the cartridge used for proper headspacing, the three-seven-five feeds like a dream from a box magazine bolt-action rifle.Cutting Edge Raptor can handle the lighter game species better than youd think, and handles the big guys with no issue.