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28 nosler vs 300 win mag recoil

Yes the 7mm will kill your elk just fine with a well placed bullet.
And the 388 faster yet.
Autor: Long Range Only, aufrufe: 78K m/videos m/./404794-7mm- vs - 300-win-vs-28-nosler.html Guns - 7mm vs 300 win vs 28 nosler - If you had to pick one of these 3 cartridges which would you choose?
Originally Posted by, broz, i will offer you not over look the 300 win mag either.With a variety of bullets from most of the prominent mfg's in weights including, 140, 150, 160, 168, 180 and now 195.Ballistic Data, cartridge, bullet Weight, bullet Style 30 Nosler 180, aB 210.Energy : The 308 is great for bear, moose and elk, but only at promo code ny pass reasonable distances, typically inside of 350 yards.The 300 Win Mag can put the same energy on target at out to 600 yards, nearly twice the distance.
New hunters are usually new shooters as well, and the recoil of 300 Win Mag is a lot: enough to give new hunters a bad flinch and keep them from a great trigger pull.

There is a great deal of difference between the 300 Winchester Magnum, affectionately known as the 300 Win Mag, and the 308 Winchester.By, adriel Michaud on in, tips, unlike my 308 vs 30-06 article, this one is NOT splitting hairs.In order to maintain bullet comparability, all data is based on current Nosler Factory Ammunition loadings for respective calibers.308 left, 300 win mag right.Wins for the 300 Win Mag.V41ghbBTZ_kU The big finale where Long Range Only editor Jeff Brozovich shares all his data comparing the 300 win mag and the 30 nosler side by side.Barrel Life : A 308 barrel can be expected to last for 2-3 times the number of shots fired compared with a 300 Win Mag.Thats more recoil than most new hunters should be starting with.That speed brings a nice, flat trajectory that makes it a bit easier to hit at long distance.But there is no doubt the 30 cal will simply take the life out of them faster.What I have seen is this.